A membership of Farming4Life costs DKK 50. As part of your membership, you receive a newsletter every six months, in which you can follow how your membership helps families and students in Uganda.

In case you would like to help a family to help themselves and become self-sufficient, you can donate DKK 150. 150 DKK a month for a year helps 12 families to help themselves!

In case you would like to support a student with special needs, for example an orphaned former child solider or a teenage mother, to accomplish high school education, you can donate DKK 170 a month.


Money transfer

You can also use your bank account and transfer your donation straight to our bank:

Bank account: 2572 4388 504 523


(Remember to include your national ID no., whereby you will automatically get a tax deduction)


Become a member today and make a difference for families and youngsters, who do not have anyone else to help them.

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