Other Links

The websites contain more information on Uganda and our partners for you to see, who are part of the project.


International Aid Service (IAS) is an organization that works with humanitarian aid and developmental aid in the third world. The organization has independent organizations in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and USA. IAS is the umbrella organization for Farming4Life.


The name says it all! Åbenkirke is a meeting place for people with a variety of backgrounds. For us, church is a community of people, who are discovering life. We believe there is no better place to do this than with God, the creator of life. Farming4Life is a part of Åbenkirke.


On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can see many facts on Uganda and the challenges that the country faces.


The website of Ulandbrug describes the agricultural situation in Uganda with many facts and illustrations.


A humanitarian aid organization that works with Victory Outreach Ministries by supporting their school homes for orphans and former child soldiers.