The last two years, our present 10 employees have conducted weekly workshops for more than a 1,000 families. In the workshops, Ugandan families learn about agricultural methods to multiply their yields, nutrition, health, budgeting and participation in credits/savings groups. The families go from struggling to living a decent life and have a hope forbetter future.

Children that ran away from home due to hunger and violence in the family return to their homes.

Mothers and fathers learn to work together and regain the mental resources to take care of their children. We have educated more than 160 high school students in our agricultural track. In the demonstration fields, seeds have been put in the ground and the buildings, the biology room and the knowledge center have been built. Overall, the foundation of the project has been laid down for us to keep developing together with other people. 




Okadi Jackson is a lead farmer, a teacher and a pastor. He has gained knowledge through farming for life, started a school and a church in Loro district. His whole life has changed, he no longer drinks alcohol. He has accepted Christ and helps local people to get the same education to be able not just survive but thrive.

He has a wife and seven children. Thanks to F4L methods, he produces enough harvest to support himself and his family and even to pay for his kids' school fees.




Joseph is a young man living and working in the F4L training center. He is a trainer of trainees. One of his responsibilities is to cultivate the training fields and help others with the education they desperately need.




Lilian is a lead farmer who lives in the Loro district and uses F4L methods to make sure she is stays out of food insecurity. She meets with 270 other women on regular basis. She teaches them the F4L methods and encourage the women in everyday life.

Lilian lives with HIV/AIDS. She educates other women who suffer from the same sickness. She encourages them and help them get stable through knowledge of farming and redistributing medicine.