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Farming4Life is primarily in Uganda and Togo, we have also collaborated with organizations and churches in Congo, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Common to all is that our Activities are in rural areas which are very poor. Large parts of the population are unemployed and do not have food security. Life can become incredibly fragile, especially for the weakest in society, and a lack of knowledge about diet and hygiene makes the population very exposed to diseases. 


In 2019 we received an award from the district of Abia in Uganda, for being the NGO that had created the most change. 

Target Group 

We want to meet the weakest in society and equip them for a dignified life where they can also help make a difference with their abilities and talents. We focus on young mothers, families where a child or teenager is the family's protector and provider, young people with disabilities, and school dropouts. 


Our goal is to equip them to unlock their God-given potential for a dignified life. A life where they can also help create the change they themselves want to happen in the world. 


Our teaching is practically based on Learning by doing. Simple and intuitive, so everyone can join. See more under our resources.


Read more about our strategy in this brochure

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