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F4L was established by a group of passionate people from Uganda and the Apostolic Church in Denmark who met in Uganda and started Farming 4 Life in 2010. Since then the community has grown and in F4L Togo the Apostolic Church has taught 3,000 families in our methods and in Uganda the Targeted free church VOM taught 6,000 families. Courses are also held in Congo, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The F4L team in Uganda received an award given by the Abia district after voting among the district's citizens on which organization they thought had made the biggest difference and here they pointed to Farming4Life. The F4L team in Togo was promoted on national television when the King of the Plateaux district chose to support the project. 


Be the Message

Farming4Life's motto is "Be the Message".

We don't just want to talk about God's love, but actively show charity by reaching out to those who are struggling in life. We have actively chosen to include people who may be outside society due to illness such as HIV/Aids and disability. It is a priority for us that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our courses, regardless of social status and religious beliefs. The good news is for everyone and we look forward to seeing how communities stand together better after they have participated in our activities.  


Below you will find links to our network 

Apostolic Church Mission DK

Apostolic Church Mission is part of Apostolic Church in Denmark. They deal with mission and development work that takes place from local Apostolic Churches in Denmark, and are F4L Danish base. KirkeniByen and Open church are partner churches with F4L. 


CKU – Center for Church Development Cooperation is a Danish resource center for development cooperation through church networks. Your teaching is used in our I4L etc.  and conveys danida support for our development projects. 


Decibel is teaching tril priests who focus on being relevant in the society they are a part of and having the relationship with God and their neighbor in focus. The teaching is part of our S4L Courses.

Farming Gods Way

Farming Gods Way is an environmentally and climate-friendly way of cultivating the land which is based on nature's own structure. The method is the foundation for our F4L courses.

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