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Farming 4 Life has five intervention areas. Educational materials have been developed for each area, some of which are free and available on this page.  Here is also a link to our partner's online resources. 

It is possible to receive training from our skilled partners in Uganda and Togo or to have one of our consultants come out and teach in your organization or church. There will be ongoing opportunities for online teaching in the individual courses. It will be announced here and in our newsletters.  




Our on ground Workshops

F4L - IED in cooperation with the local organisations and projects are working to spread the knowledge we have gained to many more people. This is why we have developed a program of teachings and workshops that can help you as an NGO, organisation or individual to learn more about what we do and to implement the knowledge we have gained through our experiences, to your own projects.

No matter which of our projects/organisations you may be closer to, we offer a range of teachings and trainings through our local knowledge and learning centres that you can join.

The following is an overview of the courses Farming 4 Life offers – In the bottom you can find and download the registration form for the courses. When choosing what courses you want it is possible to choose the full courses or to pick out categories you are interested in under a specific course. In this way you can create your own basket of opportunities.


All the courses for NGO's and organisations are taught to make people able to understand and teach on them too.

Each category has a price and duration – Note that some few of the courses only go as a full packages – all prices are per person and do not include food and accommodation – group discounts can be obtained for groups of more than five people. 
The pricing beneath is for NGO's and organisations. If you are an individual wanting to learn, please contact us for more information and prices.

Note: If you wish to extend a specific course to add more days of teaching please let us know the details and we will look at the opportunities and price together.

More categories can be requested according to your wish and our offers.

Click on the icon to download a pricelist

for F4L workshops and courses - 

Book a course using the contact form



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