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DKK 580,000 has been granted by the CKU pool to our talented partners Global Children Uganda. Hooray!

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable young people so that they can become self-sufficient. Our primary target group is 400 young people, of which approx. 200 are young mothers, 100 young people with physical disabilities and 100 young people who has dropped out of school. We also expect to reach their families and close relationships so that we reach 1,600 more, via the young people's interaction in the local community as role models. That means 2,000 people in total!

The project's activities are based on knowledge sharing and practical teaching in good farming - Farming 4 Life, hygiene, healthy diet, practical craft/entrepreneurship and charity. Lack of knowledge within these subjects helps to keep our target group bound in poverty and diseases. Through our teaching in financial management and the establishment of loan saving groups, the young people will be strengthened and the groups give them the opportunity to advocate for their rights. We work closely with the local churches, the city's mayor, the police, social workers, disability associations, schools and others. and involves them in workshops together with the young people.

We look forward to getting started! In order to complete the project, we need DKK 28,000. If you want to help, read more here:

In the pictures you can see Dinna. She is an orphan and our team discovered during a workshop that she was completely alone. She received support and training in our last project, and now she teaches teenage mothers and young people with disabilities. It is fantastic to see how Dinna is now helping others who are in the same situation she was in two years ago.

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