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Farming 4 Life Denmark - Since 2010

Farming 4 Life Denmark is the administrative headquarter of all our different Farming 4 Life projects around the world. Through the office in Denmark assistance to the different local project offices is given, this is all from smaller advice to help in application writings for different potential donors. There is no specific project with beneficiaries running in Denmark, as the department there is mainly for administrative purposes.

For F4L to exist as an organisation is based on the partnership F4L has with the local church Open Church in Denmark which is a member of the bigger network called  Apostolic Church Mission Denmark. Open Church and Apostolic Church Denmark have been of great assistance to the work done through F4L.

The Danish team's main assignments are to help in the administrational work of F4L, to do regular supportive follow-up visits to the different project locations, to look for new private partners and members all over the world, and to look for new sponsor opportunities. 

The founders of F4L, Jens and Maria Silkjær, are based in Denmark and are the leaders of the administrative department.

It has often been possible to have staff members from the different  F4L projects to come to Denmark for courses, exchange visits, and conferences as well as Danish team members have also traveled out regularly to the locations of the different projects to do follow-up work, participate in meetings and conferences, etc.

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