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“A christian, international network that will empower and develop its member organizations with capacity to impact the societies and eradicate poverty, seeing local transformation and sustainable development.”


“The organizations of F4L - IED work together to lobby for funds, to advocate, build capacity, share information and knowledge, to utilize resources within our network, enhance and develop new skills, expand our horizon and promote our work and christian values for sustainable and developed societies.”


These core values are the foundation for F4L: Transparency

Equality and dignity


Honesty and truth



Respecting Christian values




The Full Story

About F4L-IED - Who we are.

Farming 4 Life – International Empowerment and Development (F4L-IED) is the international department and network of the organisation Farming 4 Life.

We consist of projects and organisations from all over the world joining hands to see development in our communities, empowering the poor and vulnerable. We want to be a part of seeing transformed communities and eliminate poverty and suffering

All members of F4L-IED are locally registered organisations working with the development and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable.

Farming 4 Life is an international development organization, working for sustainable development. We work amongst the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world to see the true development of their communities and livelihoods. 

With a basic approach to teaching and training in our F4L Best Practices, we teach people how to help themselves. Our approaches are based on teaching people about sustainable agriculture, followed by teachings in advocacy, organization, financial literacy, and other income-generating activities.

It is our vision to see independent people being able to take care of themselves, pushing true development in their communities.

At this time we are mainly having projects in various African locations, however, it is our vision to push sustainable development through projects all over the world and this is where our international department and network Farming 4 Life - IED comes in.

F4L - IED is part of Farming 4 Life as an organisation, but is in the power of its international perspective and member organisations that are not only having projects with F4L, but able to work with its agenda.


F4L – IED, was created to be able to utilize the resources within F4L and similar projects in the best possible way and to get a better way of taking advantage of all the different skills within the different projects in a more efficient way. At the same time, the network also opens up new opportunities for sharing knowledge, ideas, and experience between the projects. By making many projects join together we raise strength and it helps us to lobby for more funds. It is also easier for us to do exchange visits and to arrange workshops, teachings, and activities together and the different member organizations can monitor and evaluate each other’s projects to improve the work in each local project.


All Farming 4 Life projects are part of the network by being an F4L project, while other organizations with similar goals and interests of working for empowerment and development in one way or the other can join the network on request if they are interested. Farming 4 Lifes administrative department and leadership are joining F4L-IED as a member organisation with the same rights as other F4L projects have within the network.​​

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The journey

Read more about Farming 4 Life as an organisation here

The first Farming 4 Life project officially started in Uganda in 2010 as a cooperation between Open Church in Denmark, and Victory Outreach Ministries (VOM) in Uganda. Later on, the Apostolic Church Mission (ACM) took over the cooperation on behalf of Open Church.

The Danish vision bearers Jens Silkjær and Maria Silkjær had seen the great need for empowerment and development of the rural communities in the northern part of Uganda and decided together with the local partner organization VOM that they wanted to create sustainable change and development in the communities. This is where F4L became a reality.

They started to lobby for funds and resources and got the first support from DMCDD (Danish Mission Council Development Department) for a pilot project in 2011.

In the beginning, the main aim of F4L Uganda was development through agriculture, using the methods called Farming Gods Way, but as time passed it was discovered that in order to teach people about agriculture, other issues like health, advocacy, teaching on finance, etc. were also necessary to address, if the project would have to be successful.

In 2015 Jens got in touch with a Togolese organization that also worked through ACM in Denmark. The organization, called TED (Togo Engaged in its Development) was interested in learning more about the Farming Gods Way methods and had, before they knew about F4L Uganda, sent three of their people to Uganda to get trained in the Farming Gods Way methods. As the Togolese returned home, Jens came to visit them in Togo to introduce them to Farming 4 Life. It was decided to establish an F4L project in Togo, in cooperation with TED. 

In 2016 an organization from Congo also started to gain interest in the work of F4L and they went for F4L training in Uganda.

By having several project locations with the same goal of development, joining together, the idea of developing a common network started to grow more and more within all of us. As the Ugandan and Danish staff went to Togo in 2016 to share their knowledge and experiences, the idea started to develop more seriously. 

Exchange continued as the Togolese in April and May 2017 went to visit and learn from F4L in Uganda. Later on, in 2017 the Congolese visited Uganda and other NGOs from Uganda, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Zambia also showed interest in being a part of F4L. 

The idea of the network was brought to the F4L main sponsor DMCDD to get an opportunity to have funds for the establishment of the network. To work on the development of the network an international consultant, Elisabet Nørgaard Birindwa, was financed to facilitate conferences for the further development of the work. It was agreed by all projects that to form an actual network was a good idea.

By coming up with the idea of the network we wanted to see how to best utilize the resources within F4L and similar projects and to get a better way to take advantage of all the different skills within the different projects in a more efficient way. It would also open up new opportunities of sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences. The thought was, that having many projects joining together could raise strength and help lobby for more funds for our local organisations' work and in that way reach many more people. It would become easier to do exchange visits and to arrange workshops, teachings, and activities together and the different member organizations would be able to monitor and evaluate each other’s projects. This would improve the work in the local projects.

Exchange visits had already been going on for a while, but through the network they are now enhanced, bringing visitors from in and out to the different projects.

The first conference for the establishment of the network was held in Kampala in September 2018. It was sponsored by DMCDD and facilitated by an international consultant.

Founding partners from Uganda, Togo, and Denmark plus a guest from Congo were invited to be a part of the planning.​

The photo above shows the participants in the first international conference of F4L-IED.

F4L - IED is not just for F4L projects, but for all projects having similar goals of empowerment and development, wanting to get strengthened or share their strengths with others through a well-established network. 

We consist of many different organisations working under the same set of values, having the same common goal of seeing the poor being empowered and creating sustainable development in our local communities. 

We are all convinced that the only way to create true and positive development is through giving people the knowledge and help they need to be able to help themselves.  ​

We call ourselves F4L - IED

Our name builds on four elements. F4L stands for "Farming for Life" and makes it very clear that we are a part of F4L, working with livelihood improvement through agriculture. The last part, IED stands for International Empowerment and Development.

"I" stands for International and shows that we are an international organisation, working together across borders.

"E" stands for Empowerment. All across our different projects empowerment is an element we have in common. We want to empower people in all areas of life to be able to do better.


"D" stands for Development and speaks about the common wish we have to see positive development in our local communities. We want to be a part of developing our societies for the better.

Our main areas of intervention are the following:

  • Agriculture and Food Security (Value addition and post-harvest handling, Value chains, etc.)

  • Financial empowerment (Income Generating Activities, VSLA, cooperatives, SACCO’s etc.)

  • Advocacy and Group Formation

  • Research and development

  • Hygiene, water and sanitation

  • Health (HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, etc.)

  • Empowerment through education, teaching, and workshops (vocational skills, small businesses, etc.)

  • Human right issues

  • Land rights

  • Protection of the environment (agroforestry, energy-saving stoves, solar etc.)

  • Gender equality

  • Good governance, consultancy, and Christian leadership

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